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Mamma Mia!: scopri i prodotti

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Colourful, inviting and irresistible, the Mamma Mia products! were born to amaze: a glance is enough to fall in love with a catalog made exclusively with the fruits of the Sicilian territory, from the green pistachio of Bronte DOP to the Avola almond, from the oranges of Ribera to the late Ciaculli mandarin, with some renowned exceptions also coming from the North (such as the hazelnut from Piedmont IGP). Mouth-watering, you can only look for a taste by choosing it between jams, jams, nectars and tasty spreadable creams, among which the Cannolo Cream stands out, original and unique for its unmistakable flavor


The secret of successful Mamma Mia preparations! lies in the processing method, carried out at low temperatures, vacuum-packed and very quickly, so as not to alter the raw materials used: the objective of this painstaking attention to quality is to make people exclaim “Mamma mia!” to anyone who tastes the creations of this young and dynamic artisanal company for the first time


The Mamma Mia recipes!

After several attempts at the launch of the project, the company has found the right formula to give value to the small range of selected ingredients, using the latest generation machinery to process them: in detail, Mamma Mia! produces extra strawberry and wild strawberry jams, red fruits, peaches, figs and apricots, orange and tangerine jams, nectars with a fruit content between 60 and 65%, well above the regulatory limit for the definition of “


The spreadable creams, in turn, contain a percentage between 40 and 50% of dried fruit, with few additional ingredients (such as brown sugar); for the Cannolo Cream mentioned above, the company uses fresh sheep's ricotta, chocolate and candied oranges, giving the compound an exceptional flavor of Sicilian cannolo. At the same time, lecithins, preservatives and dyes are not used


All Mamma Mia! products they are also acidified, when necessary, with Syracuse IGP lemon juice, a new reference to the island territory that underlines the deep link between the products just listed and traditional Sicilian goodness. Try it to believe it.

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