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Gratena: scopri i prodotti

Fattoria di Gratena has been an organic farm since 1994, located on the hills of Arezzo, which produces and sells certified organic oil and wine.

Gratena: a passion that binds generations

Gratena is an organic farm that extends on the slopes of Pratomagno, in the town of Pieve a Maiano, for 180 hectares of which 16.5 are vineyards and 10 are olive groves. We have been bottling and certifying everything as organic since 1994.

The Fattoria di Gratena, managed by Fabio de Ambrogi, has been family-run for generations. It was initially bought by her grandparents in 1968, now acquired by her mother Rosanna and uncle Paolo Sieni.

Since 2000 it has been followed by Fabio de Ambrogi, the year in which the conversion of old vineyards into new ones began. Fertilization with manure, treatments with copper and sulfur, manual harvest.
The key word is “Terroir”, which the Gratena winery deeply respects to maintain their typicality and which represents their unique way of working.

Thanks to the oenologist Fabio Mecca, the Gratena company is able to create products that reflect the nature of their Terroir, working only on native vines, Sangiovese and Gratena Nero.

Gratena has always worked in the vineyards and in the cellar to give typicality, today most of the production is aimed at the foreign market and covers Europe, in particular Scandinavia, the USA and l&' Asia.

Fattoria di Gratena has obtained numerous awards among farms in the province of Arezzo, awards that have further stimulated producers to invest in the territory to make the most of its productive potential, to constantly improve quality and to face new markets


Gratena: BIO wines from a unique Terroir

Fattoria di Gratena works with the sole objective of achieving a quality identifiable with typicality. Most of the production is exported but we continue to follow the Italian market with a highly qualified clientele able to spread the brand with the passion of those who believe in it.

The production of Gratena wines is strictly the result of organic processing with deep respect for the ecosystem and traditions.

L&' the vineyard area is about 16 hectares mainly occupied by Sangiovese and part of a local grape variety: Gratena Nero.

The “Gratena” wine is a Chianti, certainly one of the most important wines produced by &' Fattoria di Gratena company. As a Chianti, it stands out for its characteristic and original organoleptic profile at the same time. It is a red wine, still and dry, vinified from Sangiovese grapes in the context of the types provided for by the denomination.

The Fattoria di Gratena winery produces about 60000 bottles of “Gratena” wine, testifying to the' importance that this wine plays in the context of corporate production.

The wine from the Gratena winery is a wine that expresses simplicity, typicality and naturalness. A wine with a recognizable character, the result of a territory with an intense scent of red fruits.

The Gratena winery offers us excellent Toscana Rosso IGT BIO: wines awarded and recognized also with The Wine Hunter Awards.

Gratena: products

Toscana Rosso IGT “Siro Fifty Black” BIO - Gratena
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Toscana Rosso IGT “Gratena Nero” BIO 2016 - Gratena
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Gratena è un’azienda biologica dal 1994, situata sulle colline di Arezzo, che produce e...


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