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Il Molinaccio di Montepulciano: scopri i prodotti

Il Molinaccio is a beautiful farm that boasts more than 2.3 hectares of Sangiovese vineyards, Merlot and other local varieties that together allow the company to produce a large quantity of quality wines and distillates.
The villa, built on the remains of an ancient mill in the noble Medici town of Montepulciano, after extensive restoration work, has reopened its doors as a home of tranquility and ancient traditions, surrounded by centuries-old oaks, olive trees, orchards and above all vineyards. Montepulciano was in fact known for its “Vino Nobile”, one of the most internationally appreciated Tuscan wines and whose tradition is proudly carried on by Molinaccio.
From the grapes of these Tuscan vineyards, Rosso di Montepulciano, La Spinosa and many other excellent wines are also born


Il Molinaccio, the winery: a production that focuses only

on quality

Il Molinaccio is a small, but high-quality winery. The logo recalls the cypress trees and the wheel of the ancient mill that can be seen at the entrance to the estate. The first vinification was carried out in 2012; since that year, only growth in fame and honors for Il Molinaccio.
In the cellar, French Allier barrels and light wood are used to gain perfume and elegance. And, in fact, these are characteristics of Il Molinaccio wines, characterized by a sophisticated aroma and forest scent.
The entire production is numbered, a sign of attention to quality. Not surprisingly, every year about 10 thousand bottles are produced whose names are a tribute to the different types of animals that can be found in the woods that surround the estate, which, precisely because of its beauty and its rurality, has also been used as an agritourism to let guests try the goodness and

aromas of typical local products.

Il Molinaccio: eco-sustainability

and Tuscany

The winery today is divided into different production areas, to make the most of the vineyards and their aromas. The Il Molinaccio winery has grown in respect of old traditions and the concept of “Tuscany”, which is enhanced on the table thanks to elegant dishes and full-bodied wines. Precisely because the origin of the product is one of the characteristics that makes it unique, protection and respect for the environment become a necessity. This is why among the rows there is the utmost respect for the environment, the ecosystem and biodiversity, issues very close to the heart of the owners of the company Marco Malavasi and Alessandro Sartini, so much so that in 2018 they started the process for the organic certification of their wines banning pesticides and chemical herbicides, instead using copper and sulfur to combat parasites and keep the vines healthy.
Another important decision for soil and soil health, starting in 2017, was to purify the well water to be self-sufficient and to install a photovoltaic system to cover most of the energy needs.
Even in the cellar, of course, the main objective is to maintain high quality standards in order to enhance and enhance all the nuances that the climate and the territory have been able to give to the grapes


Il Molinaccio di Montepulciano: products

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG “La Spinosa” 2017 - Il Molinaccio
Il Molinaccio di Montepulciano
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Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Riserva DOCG “La Poiana” 2016 - Il Molinaccio
Il Molinaccio di Montepulciano
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