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Ricetta91: scopri i prodotti

Ricetta91 is a &' another beautiful story of friendship, passion and return to earth. The land, this time, is that of the Euganean Hills in that of Monselice, in the province of Padua, and the protagonists are Matteo and Luca, two boys who have been friends since childhood and who share the same indelible passion for nature and good food. And when we say good food we mean both tasty and healthy


Recipe 91: tradition, genuineness

and sustainable agriculture

Matteo and Luca are two boys from different backgrounds, but they had a common dream: a dream called Ricetta91. A very personal brand, a hotbed of ideas that has given life to their passions and to many healthy and artisanal foods. Their purpose is to offer genuineness through top quality raw materials, cultivated and transformed directly in their company.
Theirs is an ambitious project: Matteo and Luca start creating a healthy and good product and arrive evolving their working method and their lifestyle, thus improving day by day. L&' Ricetta91 harmony can be summarized as follows: l&' quality effectiveness and the culture of tradition that embrace respect for &' environment in a system that is kept in perfect balance.

The Euganean Hills are a peculiar territory for an exclusively personal production and in the total absence of any chemical product. Matteo and Luca pay obsessive attention to operating according to sustainable methods both from a water and energy point of view. Once the raw materials have been collected, they work to transform them within the next 24 hours so that the freshness is preserved and the highest quality of the product is guaranteed. Their products represent what c&' it is good to bring to the table every day, both for breakfast and during meals: vegetable jams, fruit jams, preserves and syrups.

Matteo and Luca use the typical recipes of the Venetian culinary tradition, rediscovering those flavors and aromas lost or that characterized their childhood, but trying to reinterpret them in a modern way so that they stand out for their freshness


Insights on Ricetta91

Il nome è una provocazione, ma i contenuti sono di alta qualità! Provare per credere!...

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