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Fusari Caffè: scopri i prodotti

Bovolone, in the province of Verona, in what a few decades ago was the home of d&' art furniture, the Fusari family planted their small artisan roasting workshop. A &' an adventure that began a few years ago and that today has become a consolidated reality that is offering quality for the best Italian coffee shops


Fusari Caffè: a coffee that always talks about us

Fusari chooses the still raw coffee from the best South American and African plantations and then roasts at a controlled temperature that does not change the primary organoleptic characteristics of the fruit. The selection and the blends are made following sensory paths defined by &' experience and the search for aromatic balance. These include the specialty of still green raw coffee, which is used to obtain infusions that provide large amounts of antioxidant elements useful to our body

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