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Sweet Easter!

LucaLuca Ricci

Today I have the honor of presenting you with a dish that represents the true essence of the Easter cake moment: the Colomba al Torcato, combined with 70% dark chocolate and pistachio and hazelnut cremini.


As a food connoisseur, I can guarantee that this combination of flavors is a real symphony of taste. Colomba al Torcato is a dessert that encompasses all tradition and l&' Italian craftsmanship, thanks to its sophisticated preparation and l&' use of quality ingredients such as

torcato, butter and eggs.

But what makes this dessert unique is l&' perfect pairing with 70% dark chocolate. Its intensity of flavor and its light bitterness are perfectly combined with the sweetness of Colomba al Torcato, creating a contrast of flavors that enhances the taste of

both products.

And to complete this perfect triptych of flavors, I present the pistachio and hazelnut cremini. These creamy and crunchy cookies, made with high-quality ingredients, are the perfect combination after Easter lunch. Their delicacy and their intense taste enrich the &' taste experience, creating a riot of flavors that will leave your palates

satisfied and satisfied.

We have discovered that cooking is not only a &' art, but it is also culture, passion and tradition. These three products represent the best of Italian cuisine, made with high quality ingredients and the mastery of artisans of taste


I invite you to enjoy this dish with all your senses, letting yourself be conquered by its sweetness and unique flavor. Bon Appetit and Happy Easter!

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