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Chocolate lover

GilbertoGilberto Mora

The gourmet chocolate journey

There is chocolate and chocolate, from Spaghetti & Mandolino we are well aware of this. This treasure chest was created in collaboration with Compagnia del Cioccolato and contains a path of Italian and non-Italian excellence. You can taste bars awarded over the years and worked by master chocolatiers who use cocoa beans from renowned and high-quality plantations. Domori, Slitti and others. It will be a feast for superfine palates!

Why Spaghetti & Mandolin

Because we are certain of one thing: the products we select are from small producers, from Italian excellence, from men and women who love what they do and do it with passion. All we do is carry them, with a little' of taste, with a little' of aesthetics, with the heart of our Italianness, on your table, in the hands of those you love, those you respect. We are attentive vehicles, we are a story to tell. We are sure of one thing: we are not from the supermarket.

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Chocolate lover: Inspiration content

Esprit Grand Cru Madagascar Extra Dark Chocolate 70% 70g

Esprit Grand Cru Madagascar Extra Dark Chocolate 70% 70g

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