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White beer and citrus cheeses

FabioFabio De Vecchi

The refreshing and tasty Blanche beer from the Magis Brewery, due to its particular light and delicate characteristics, is well combined with appetizers. Excellent with sausages, today we offer it to you in a new and less classic guise, that of

tasting with cheese. The

spicy coriander and citrus aromas of the d&' orange peel go well with the tropical aromas and flavors of Ginger and Mango. If, on the other hand, you like the strong notes of goat cheese, you can combine this Blanche with

goat's tomato.

If you are a lover of unusual and original appetizers, this is the' inspiration for you. Have a good tasting!

White beer and citrus cheeses: Inspiration content

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Trilatte Ginger with Ginger, Lime and Red Pepper 280g

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