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ViniVeri Cerea Fair 2022

Welcome to Viniveri 2022.

When the fair comes to Cerea it's spring for me and as an ambassador of taste quest&' year this fair is my turn!

I have been accompanied by two friends for years, Fabrizio and Mirlo, we enter these large and spacious environments, we begin the tastings of good but attentive Lena and we almost immediately come across a great one: Massa Vecchia (which after Fabrizio left to be honest I no longer appreciated) with a white with super Mediterranean notes like l&' Ariento from 2002.

I fall in love with the Sardinian wines from the Neoneli winery, we can taste almost everything and summing up this paragraph' year I found very few of them that are not drinkable.

I re-taste the “Great Wines” like a rite, see Kurni ect, and then in religious silence I enjoy those of Villa Rinaldi (I admit that I make organic wine, but unlike these they mark Classic and Elegant in bold).

Let's satisfy Mirko and we are projected into a long tasting extraordinarily conducted by Sangiorgi, here we are: good everyone.

Thanks ViniVeri

Fabio Ferrari - autoreFabio Ferrari

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